Our Story

“Fine dining is an occasional treat for most people.”

Rene Redzepi


Located in the periphery of St. Julian’s, lies a gastronomic experience which has in recent years establishing itself as the leading dining location for modern Mediterranean cuisine in Malta.

Caviar&Bull, is a journey into the world of food where tastes and flavours come together to create amazing dishes. Wagyu beef tacos, crispy bougon bouche bonbons, apple wood house smoked salmon and tiger prawns “ancient tempura” are a few of the muses which enchant this amazing theatre of food. Every dish is made from locally sourced ingredients and gives attention to detail which ensures every plate stands out for its taste, flavour and originality. The outlet is not only a food experience; the place offers you the possibility to pull up a stool at the champagne and oyster bar, or meet with friends in the lounge, over cocktails with a molecular twist. The conductor of this opera is Marvin Gauci, one of the major exponents of the local food industry.

Indeed, Marvin has brought together an amazing concept which is right there waiting for you to unwind with your friends or loved ones. Dress up in casual attire, call your friends and join us at Caviar&Bull for an unforgettable experience.


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The secret behind the success of Caviar&Bull lies in the people that on a daily basis strive to deliver excellence. Their work, their passion and their commitment are fundamental for the success of Caviar & Bull.

No team can work properly without the vision and direction of a leader. Marvin Gauci is the general of the Caviar&Bull army. He is a magician in the kitchen, always ready to pull out some novelty from his hat. His work is art with an eye for detail and an emphasis on the importance of taste in every dish presented. His work cannot be accomplished without the aid of a good team.

Indeed, the Caviar&Bull kitchen in Malta is entrusted in the hands of the talented Gianluca who amazes clients with delicacies which make the restaurant stand out of the crowd. The kitchen always needs the support of reliable persons on the front end. Alice is the lady of the house who ensures all operational and logistical matters work smoothly. Both Gianluca and Alice would not reach their daily goals without the aid of other team members in the kitchen and around the restaurant. The input of every single team member ensures Caviar&Bull continues to excel in the local food industry and entertain clients with amazing food and an excellent service.